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Have a problem but you aren't convinced you need an appointment? We can help walk you through simple issues before we get there. If you do need an appointment, you can rest assured that we only use original equipment parts. Heck, we probably have one with us.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Every gas fireplace manufacturer recommends that your fireplace is serviced by an NFI Certified Gas Specialist at least once a year. We offer maintenance plans based on our customers needs. These plans offer an exclusive discount on all parts and labor as well as guaranteed response time when you need it most.

Owner's Resources

Bred from the largest wholesale fireplace distributor on Long Island, we linked up closely with the most prominent manufacturers in the industry.  Our inventory and expert staff are why 90% of our service calls are completed within the first hour.  Check out a list of owner's manual and resources.

Our Warranty

We take pride in our world class service. The world of fireplaces is like a whole other language. From your first contact to the last, we work to provide efficient and effective service you can understand. Read our warranty with every service call.

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We appreciate compliments and criticism. Our staff has the joy of hearing compliments and the fortitude to hear the occasional complaint. We take all of our feedback seriously and to heart. If you have had an experience with us, please click the icon to leave a review. Thinking of scheduling a service? Check out what our customers have to say about our work.

Our Team

We understand the pros of cons of having service done in your home. Comfortable in your slippers, with your family and your pets and suddenly a stranger is knocking at your door. As a family company it is important to us that all of our staff is courteous, neat and reliable. Click the icon, meet our team.